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  • Bonaventure's ONLY Jewish Tour!



Quick Details

Adult For Ages 16+
Youth For Ages 15 & Under

Bonaventure Cemetery Jewish Tour!

Visitors of Savannah are often surprised to find a Jewish community so far South and — even more so — to learn its origins go back to Georgia’s 1730’s and played a key role in the very conceptualizing of Georgia as a place! They arrived here under much strife and threat but would become major contributors and builders of Savannah and beyond! We tell you their earliest struggles getting to Georgia, the perils they faced upon arrival, and their fascinating rise to all of life’s stations! There may be no more inspiring section of the cemetery, and yet it is surprisingly overlooked. For the first time ever, Shannon Scott Tours invites visitors into a new world within Bonaventure that holds some of Savannah’s best kept secrets and most beloved residents. Please join us. 

A sneak peek at some of the questions we will answer:

  • How did the oldest Torah in America get to Savannah?
  • Which Jewish scientist had clearance at Area 51?
  • Is it true Woody Allen’s publicist is buried here?
  • Which Jewish family were bootleggers?
  • How are so many families Jewish & Christian?
  • What’s the story of The Holocaust Memorial?

Parking Instructions can be found HERE.