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Shannon Spencer Scott - "Minister of Stories"

Our Founder

Personalism. Passion. Performance. The “lost art of storytelling” hasn’t gone lost on a man named Shannon Spencer Scott.

Born in Terra Haute, Indiana and raised in Rantoul, Illinois, Shannon Scott was raised by school teacher parents and grew up surrounded by farmland and the Chanute Air Force Base. As a child, Shannon excelled in art & history, becoming a natural storyteller with a strong ability to paint pictures in the minds of others with words. His boyhood was filled with typical things like detasseling corn, painting barns, racing dirt bikes, and traveling the country with his parents to great natural, event & personality historical sites. The exposure to the likes of Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Philadelphia, Yosemite, Mammoth Caves, The Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Tombstone, The Painted Desert, Redwood Forest and others, instilled a great love for history and paved the way for Shannon as storyteller. As he’s often mused, “As kids, my friends all wanted to go to Disney-world, and I wanted to go to Williams-burg.” In his high school years, he discovered a natural love for art, winning many Scholastic Awards and eventually a Fine Arts Scholarship to the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). As they say, the rest is history. Be sure to read the main blog to learn more about the fascinating life, times and career of your future host and storyteller, Shannon Scott!

Kelsey McGee Scott

Our Founder's Beloved Cemetery Companion

If she could write a book about the eccentric, wild, enlightening life of a storyteller, the most off-the-beaten-path adventures and everything happening behind the scenes, Kelsey McGee would be the greatest storyteller of them all.

It’s no surprise Kelsey has an extensive vocabulary, and ‘cemetery’ is her most favorite word. You can find her and Shannon inseparable, any chance they can explore one, together. The word ‘walk’ usually goes hand in hand, and her ears grow twice their size when she gets the cue. She’s known for swinging on vines of old, oak trees and making sure none of them escape alive. Little do people know she’s the hardest working, undercover, cemetery clean-up crew and sheriff, and she has earned her badge. She can spot any ‘critter’ in her vicinity and understands her duty to keep them in line. Finally, absolutely no cemetery shift is complete without picking out the highest quality ‘stick.’ Only the most worthy will do. Then, she will perform her daily, civic duty of carrying this prized possession home, through her secret path, down the sidewalk, past her white picket fence gate, up the steps and into her story-museum where her stick joins an impressive collection. When she’s not on cemetery duty, she’d rather be at the beach, rescuing logs and sticks from the waves. She travels seamlessly between cemetery and ocean, which makes sense as a “water spirit.” She is equally passionate about going for a ‘ride’ because that means visiting one or the other, ‘navigating’ from the front seat, picking up ‘puppuccinos,’ and looking for ‘big dogs,’ which is code for horse. To complete her list of favorite things, she loves chomping on (very specific) bones, sneaking pizza crust and ice cream, snuggling in her humans’ bed, listening to Johnny Mercer, or laying out in the sun with her ancient kitty pal, Blinxie. This little lady is a natural, born entertainer and hilarious, wild and precious soul. Lately, she needs some help getting back on her feet. You can read more about her healing journey here. She is such a light to many but especially to her beloved Shannon.

Paschal Miller -The Gazelle

Seasoned Guide and Historian

As one of our most seasoned guides, Paschal brings high energy learning and a zest for knowledge to his tours. With a wide variety of experience and knowledge, Paschal gives visitors tours in Bonaventure, Laurel Grove, Colonial Park, and historic downtown Savannah.

Paschal Miller is a local Savannahian with a passion for sharing captivating stories and enriching experiences with travelers from around the world. He holds an MS in Urban Studies and Planning and an MA in Theology, giving him a unique perspective on local cultural history of the 18th and 19th centuries. With a deep understanding of cultural heritage and local attractions, he crafts immersive tours that leave a lasting impression on guests. Paschal’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service and his wealth of knowledge make him a trusted interpreter, ensuring memorable adventures for every traveler who joins his tours.

Janine Rodriguez-Rogacki - Savannah's Lady in Mourning

Our Taphophile with Style

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Janine fell in love with Savannah over 15 years ago. She blends her passions for history, cemeteries, and Victorian fashion into her storytelling, giving each visitor a unique and authentic experience they’re sure not to forget! You can often find her roaming Bonaventure, as well as downtown for our Wandering Historians tour. In her own words, Janine writes:

“Hi, my name is Janine, and I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pa. I am married to my best friend whom I have known since high school.
My interests include dogs, nature, the beach, live music, line dancing, spreading positive energy, and history, but especially the civil war.
What brought me to Savannah is its history.   When I first vacationed to Savannah, there were 3 things I wanted to see: The fountain at Forsythe Park , Fort Pulaski civil war fort, and Bonaventure Cemetery.
Never in a million years would I ever have imagined that I would have a dream job of touring people through some of these places. I want people to fall in love with Savannah as much as I did when I first vacationed here 15 years ago.  I hope my passion for Savannah truly shines during my tours.”

Ken Rimes - The Southern Gentleman

The Savannah Hometown Hero

Savannah native and gentleman, Ken brings a zest for the history of his hometown that shines through in every tour he gives. Of his experiences and love for Savannah, Ken writes:

“I am a Savannah native and proud of it! I have lived here for 50 years with a 19-year “vacation” in Texas. My working career was mostly in chemical plants and not academia, but history has always been interesting to me and giving tours was a plan for my retirement years. I enjoy giving the history of my home during our Wandering Historians tours of the Historic District, as well as insight into burial customs and the people buried in Colonial Park and Bonaventure cemeteries. I enjoy meeting guests from all over, and am continuously amazed at how small the world is while making connections with each other. I look forward to sharing my passion for my hometown with you!”

Jon Cohen - The Silent City Whisperer

A Silent Story Master

Fond of roaming Bonaventure, you can find Jon opening the gates at 8 am, bringing history without the heat!

Jon Cohen has lived in Savannah for over 3 decades. He is a New Jersey native who married a 4th generation Savannahian. A retired nurse, he worked in the hospice arena for 25 years. His interest in being a tour guide in Bonaventure and surrounding cemeteries stems from a fascination with graveyards, burial customs, and history. Jon has a deep respect for the legacies left behind, and feels strongly that their stories deserve to be told.