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Public tours are great, but Private Tours give our clients ultimate access to more locations, more details & expert attention!

Quick Details

Half Day 3-4 Hours | For parties larger than 6 please inquire!
Full Day 5-6 Hours | For 1-6 People

Private Tours of Bonaventure Cemetery

This tour requires at least 24 hrs pre-booking.
Inquiries: [email protected] or 912-604-4423.

On these MULTI-HOUR tours, Shannon or his fellow storyists will regale you in history from mid-18th century Bonaventure Plantation era, the cemetery’s opening hours in 1846, to those spanning the 20th century until present day! All set inside one of the most sumptuous natural landscapes you’ll ever observe in a cemetery anywhere in the world! Hear about famed figures that have made their mark on Savannah’s history and their connections to The Historic District and world at large! Shannon’s tour is focused on symbols and their hidden language through Freemasonry and other Secret Societies, along with religious and artistic meanings.

On the full-day tour, we will visit Bonaventure’s neighboring half, Greenwich Cemetery. Former 18th c. Plantation turned cemetery in 1933, it includes the graves of Danny Hansford, WWII All-American Bomber Pilot, Captain Bragg, storyteller legend, Ron Higgins and a myriad of others. Also see 18th c. butterfly-shaped pond used in Rudolph Valentino’s film, “Stolen Moments.”

Includes: Beautiful 18” x 24” poster art signed by Shannon Scott

Tour may include such characters and subjects as:

Child Celeb Little Gracie
Lyricist Great Johnny Mercer
Root Doctor Lady Minerva
Underground Poet Conrad Aiken
Pirate Basher Josiah Tattnall III
Rebel Painter, Mary Hoover
Valley Forge Hero, Noble W. Jones
Photographer Jack Leigh
Silent film great Edythe Chapman
Composer great Professor Weigand