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Adult For Ages 16+
Youth For Ages 15 & Under

Bonaventure Cemetery like you’ve never seen it or storied it!


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Do your friends find you odd for exploring old cemeteries? Well, consider Shannon Scott and his talented storyist crew your kindred spirits to be — and Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery your future addiction! Join our devoted and knowledgeable guides for an insider’s view into the intriguing past of the historic cemetery and its departed inhabitants.

Lots of people can give you a tour of Bonaventure, but can they truly tell you the stories? There’s a reason there are thousands of glowing reviews of Bonaventure Cemetery Journeys! Since 2002, as the first on-site storytellers, Shannon Scott and his storyist crew have been revealing the fascinating general history of Savannah’s Bonaventure Cemetery and hidden aspects, many of which are unknown even to locals with family buried there!

You’ll be regaled in 18th century Bonaventure Plantation history, all the way up to the “modern” 1846 cemetery, and stories up to present day! You’ll learn about funerary burial traditions, along with the lost art of symbol carving and how it is the language of cemeteries. Hence, you’ll hear much about Freemasons & other Secret Societies!

Naturally, this Savannah cemetery tour is loaded with fun and inspiring tales about Johnny Mercer, Conrad Aiken, The Jones Family and, of course, everyone’s favorite guardian angel, “Little Gracie.” We tell her story like no other in town! For fans of Midnight in The Garden of Good & Evil, look no further. This is your insider’s cemetery tour from literally inside “The Garden.”

Stories will prompt a laugh, evoke empathy, awe or even cause the listener to shed a tear. But mostly, Bonaventure the place, and Shannon’s tour will have you coming back for a lifetime!


Tour may include such famed figures and subjects as:

  • Lyricist Johnny Mercer
  • Underground Cool Poet Conrad Aiken
  • Maritime hero Josiah Tattnall III
  • Photographer Jack Leigh
  • Silent film great Edythe Chapman
  • Childhood celebrity Little Gracie Watson
  • Composer great Professor Weigand
  • Freemasonry, Secret Societies
  • Funerary traditions, symbolism in burial art

Photos are the courtesy of Alissa Lee Nicholson. Please visit Forest City Of The South for more.