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Shannon Scott Tours is a specialty product offering the highest quality story & personalized private and public tours and events possible. The refund policies reflect this fact, even if we understand life’s mishaps. In general, tours are “Rain or Shine,” and go out with little exception. Shannon Scott reserves the right to cancel or change the time of your event if there is something happening at a destination that places the success of the event in conflict like funerals, weddings, war memorial ceremonies or severe weather.


Due to high demand:

Refunds for Friday, October 28th; Sunday, October 30th; Halloween Night/Monday, October 31st:

Must occur within 2 weeks of scheduled events.

Special restrictions apply to Saturday, October 29th’s Tour: Dinner & Entertainment Event.

October 29th Event ticket may also be cancelled 2 weeks prior —

But any cancellation occurring on or after October 14th, 2022 will not be refunded a $50 food cost,

Due to ordering with the restaurant, and we appreciate your understanding.


If our clients fall into The No Refund Zone, for any reason, we will honor your investment with us for a future makeup tour date, relative to daytime or future After Hours tours, but this cannot be applied during major holiday weekends or a future Halloween experience. These tickets are considered “Good Until Redeemed,” and may be gifted or used by other friends or family. A scheduled tour must be on the books in order to apply them, but generally, with enough advance notice, works out fine. Please inquire with any additional questions.