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Quick Details

Savannah Departure
Pickup in Beaufort or Bluffton
Pickup in Hilton Head

A Tour 32 Years in the Making…

This tour requires at least 24 hrs pre-booking.
Inquiries: or 912-604-4423.

Savannah is but a land connected to a country known as The Lowcountry. It is borderless really, but has a bridge that joins its sister land, South Carolina. Not everyone knows they’re direct neighbors. Blink and you’re there. Or back.

Rustic ruins. Winding backroads. Root doctor graves. Abandoned churches. Lost cemeteries. Forbidding mansions. Ancient trees. Ghosts. Beauty. Enchantment. Decay.

There’s still a Deep South that very few get to experience, for while all might hear its song, they cannot source the music. They feel the heartbeat, but do not know why, or from where it originates; only that there’s a romance somewhere waiting to be met. And in that meeting – will be transformed by it.

In a way, one needs a shaman to pull back the veil to take you there –Shannon Scott, “The Storyist,” is that traveler and rare, behind-the-scenes mystic. For 3 decades, Shannon has made wanderlust, daring, risk and curiosity his guides through The Low Country, mapping out-of-the-way and out-of-this-world locations and esoteric knowledge that is now all available to you inside of his most exclusive experience to date – Drums and Shadows (South Carolina)

The Universe whispers, “let Shannon take the wheel…”

Over this Full Day experience, traveling Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton & Colleton Counties going from coastal areas, to swamp runs to woodlands to cotton country, you’ll comb the land and learn how it came to be -from ancient mound builders to native Americans, early Europeans, with heavy emphasis on Gullah & Geechee (African) culture and traditions. You’ll cross battlegrounds of many wars and their relics, and see where real people lived, and live now in modern day places with no less fascinating life stories.

Naturally, no day out like this would be complete without a very special country store stop and of course – FOOD. A mid-tour lunch or dinner finish is optional but Shannon’s experience as a chef and one time publisher of “The Foodie’s Guide,” makes him a natural for knowing where the unique foodie oasis awaits!

The Drums & Shadows South Carolina experience cannot be replicated and, in many respects, will vanish in time, but you’ll be able to say that you were there while it all still existed and could be done!

Pickup Points Include Savannah, Bluffton, Beaufort & Hilton Head (added cost).

Leaving Savannah – $1450.00

Pickup Beaufort or Bluffton $1650.00

Pickup Hilton Head $1750.00