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Please Note:  We respectfully do everything we can to provide the instructions below, both in confirmation emails upon your purchase, as well as through a courtesy text the night before or morning of your tour that includes your guide’s cell phone (text only). We are not responsible, past these aides to you, in making your tour on time or to the expressed meeting points. Guides may attempt to contact you if concerned, but they are not required to contact you or respond after your stated tour time, as the tour will be under way.

Note: This is for Bonaventure Cemetery Daytime Public Tour Parking

Basic Information:

    • Address: 330 Bonaventure Rd Savannah, GA 31404 (sometimes listed as Thunderbolt, GA)
    • GPS Coordinates: 32° 2′ 32.3952” N81° 2′ 38.6124” W
    • If driving your own car, give yourselves clean 20 minutes to make the 3.5 miles from downtown Savannah.
    • If using UBER or LYFT, please hail them 45 minutes early & have them drive you to our meeting place!

Detailed Directions:

  1. When arriving to Bonaventure Cemetery, look for the front entrance, directly left of brick, caretaker office (main building up front).
  2. This entrance has 2 granite pillars, topped by marble, maiden statues.
  3. Drive through and to the right, which puts brick house on your right.
  4. Drive to first blacktop road, marked by wooden arrow signpost with famous names (Johnny Mercer, Conrad AIken, etc).
  5. Take that LEFT onto blacktop road (Mullryne Way).
  6. Follow this road all the way down to the river, and you will see a gravel parking lot on the right.
  7. In the greater distance, you will see a bridge & marina as a landmark for being in the right place.
  8. Just remember, if you are facing the river, the parking lot is always to your right. Go right, and follow the river.
  9. Your guide will meet you near the river bluff side of parking lot.