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Women’s History Tour in Laurel Grove Cemetery - A Savannah Touring First!

Quick Details

Adult For Ages 16+
Child For 15 and under

Women’s History Tour in Laurel Grove

Before feminism was even a concept, Savannah women were leading fascinating, daring lives of creativity and innovation that influenced and sometimes shook the world! Yet, like so many accomplishments of women in The South, they either made the  history pages or went lost to them.

It’s uncanny that so many of these fabulous women ended up in one Savannah cemetery!

Tour discussions will also include the many roles of women in Victorian Society and the very particular traditions around funerals, along with social organizations like The Order of The Eastern Star, The Daughters of Rebekkah, and other women’s movements.

This tour is obviously ideal for Women’s Groups, Church Groups, Girl Scout Troops, Bachelorettes, and really anyone wanting to explore female empowerment in a very Southern fashion in an exquisite setting like Laurel Grove Cemetery!

Tour includes:

  • Juliette Gordon-Low, Founder of The Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.
  • Florence Martus, a.k.a: “The Waving Girl”
  • Nina Pape, Educator & Founder of The Pape School
  • Eugenia Phillips, Banished Civil War Spy
  • Mary Marshall, Philanthropist & Builder
  • Phoebe Pember, Famed Civil War Nurse
  • Mary Haskell, Benefactress Muse to Poet-Painter Kahlil Gibran