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Tour ALL of Savannah’s most well-known cemeteries!

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Full Day 7 Hours | For 1-6 People

Tours all of Savannah’s Cemeteries

Taphophile = One who practices taphophilia. Someone who is interested in funerals, gravestone art, epitaphs, cemeteries. Known to play a part in Goth subculture, although interest in one does not mean interest in both.

This tour is for Taphophiles Only, led by the most famous cemetery storyist inside of the United States, Shannon Scott!

You basically want to see them all and ALL you shall see! Is it possible to marathon-tour 7 cemeteries? And not just race through them but absorb quality stories and insights along with the completely wild same time? Shannon Scott says YES!

Per Luxury Red Carpet Usual, Shannon picks you up at your hotel or vacation rental in The Buzzard Mobile and you’re off to the dead spaces!

*Inquire on price if more than 6 people

Tours may include such cemeteries as:

  • Colonial Park Cemetery
  • 2 Jewish Colonial Cemeteries
  • Laurel Grove Cemetery North & South (2 cemeteries)
  • Catholic Cemetery
  • Bonaventure Cemetery
  • Greenwich Cemetery