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Get out of the public ghost tour fray and into an Exclusive Private Ghost Tour with the man who started it all — Shannon Scott!

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Half Day Tour
Full Day Tour

Supernatural City Ghost Tours

This tour requires at least 24 hrs pre-booking.
Inquiries: [email protected] or 912-604-4423

We’re not here to disparage what other companies – or the industry as a whole – can offer, but we have created The Supernatural Tour as an alternative because there are people who don’t want to be in a horde of 50 random strangers. They also want to be with a talented entertainer and host who comes from a background of personal experiences inside of haunted Savannah. It’s really that simple, and if that speaks to you, we cannot say enough about this tour!

The Supernatural Tour is the most sophisticated and entertaining paranormal ghost tour on the planet. If you ever find a superior one, we want to know about it. It’s also much more than a ghost tour. It involves esoteric knowledge, cultural rituals, secret societies and occult relationships and crime, along with other psychical events. Shannon was the Georgia Sectional Director for The American Institute of Parapsychology for a year and recipient of the America’s Most Haunted City Award in 2002, which gave him international recognition. His TV appearances & consultant work are well known. He’s documented these subjects in Savannah, as a Historian and Journalist, and the tour is a blend of that knowledge, along with personal experiences. It’s VERY horse’s mouth. All times are negotiable and can be done by day or evening.

This tour can be custom-tailored to your interests, or you can just dive in, sit back, and let Shannon do all the talking. Due to the scope, the tour must go by vehicle and is an “IN & OUT” type tour, ideal for up to six people, or however many you’re carrying in your vehicle(s). Generally, Shannon picks you up in “The Buzzard Mobile” at your vacation rental or hotel, and we go from there. Feel free to inquire further about transport specifics. After you decide which time format fits your adventure, you then buy the HALF DAY TOUR or FULL DAY TOUR.

Tour includes:

  • Esoteric Knowledge
  • Cultural Rituals
  • Secret Societies
  • Occult Relationships
  • Psychical Events
  • Shocking Crime Stories